Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm Excited.

So as you know,I'm 15. I'll be graduating, more than likely, sometime next year. I'll be going to college soon after and naturally I need to money to do so. Well I've been looking for a job . But I've been having problems-#1. Most of the closest places hiring are 45 miles away-too far to drive back and forth everyday. #2. I'm not old enough for a driver's license so I would have to rely on my mom to bring me and that would be harder because we'd have to either get all the kids ready to go with us or make sure my older brother was at home. and #3.Most places don't hire 15 year olds.
Subway in Alma(a town about 15 miles away) is hiring a part time worker. I was able to get an application and..I'VE BEEN ASKED TO COME IN FOR AN INTERVIEW ON FRIDAY! (Sorrry for the capitals..I'm kinda excited lol) PLease,keep me in your prayers that I'll get the job. (^:


  1. Yay, Emilie! :) Congratulations! I'll pray it goes well. :D

    God bless,
    Joy :)

  2. Thank you,Joy!
    I got a definite maybe :P The manager has to call her general manager to find out if they're able to hire a 15 year old. The manager seemed to like me(said if it was up to her she'd hire me,they're really busy and not enough workers).So hopefully I'll find out Monday! Hope I get the job but if not I've filled out an application to work at a grocery store (: