Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Creation&Evolution Report for Science Class

"Creation: a doctrine or theory holding that matter, the various forms of life, and the world was created by God out of nothing.."
   Evolution and creation. Two different viewpoints on how our world was created.
  Evolutionist believe that the world was created by a "Big Bang". Basically,"nothing'  exploded, and created everything..They also believe that man started out as a non-living object ( like rock ), then turned into a living object ( like say..chimpanzee), then, finally, to a human.
  Creationists believe in Genesis chapter 1 account of a literal 6 day Creation, as written down by Moses who was divinely inspired by God. We believe that God created the world, just by His words, and that on the 6th day of creation, He created man in His own image, out of dust, and then made woman out of one of man's ribs.
 Evolution is a theory. According to my Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word theory means:
1) General principles of a subject.
2) Plausible or scientifically acceptable explanation, and thirdly..
3) A judgment, guess, or opinion.
A theory is not a fact. A theory is an assumption. But, could we believe ( Creation ), be a theory?
 A non-believer looks at the evidence and sees the universe as a result of natural processes. A believer sees the world as a result of Intelligent design.Does evidence lead to our conclusions? Or is it our beliefs on God?
  I think it is the latter. That's just my honest opinion. If you believe that there is a God, then you could not logically look around at this great universe and believe it all happened by chance.
  To accept creation by faith is no more "religious" than accepting evolution by faith.Both viewpoints are based on assumptions, and believed through faith. Evolution explains facts based on an assumption of natural, continual process. Creation explains facts based on an assumption of supernatural,completed process.There are three components to both rationales - assumptions, facts, and conclusions. Facts are the same.The reason we draw different conclusions is because we have different assumptions to begin with.
  Scientists can not explain the "why" with evolution. Why was there a "Big Bang"? One suggestion(which I found very interesting, and slightly creepy) was that God exploded Himself into billions of tiny pieces and so each person has a piece of God inside him or her.
  There is no factual( experimentally testable and reproducible ) science that supports evolution.
              Science can only discover what God has brought about.


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I've finished 10th grade in Science, Literature, and Bible, and I've started 11th in all 3 subjects.
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