{My family}

"My family is like a box of fudge....mostly good but with a few nuts."

 First is my mom.
She's amazing(: Raising 7 kids all by herself, homeschooling 6 of them and 2 have special needs.She's our encourager,motivator, disciplinarian(lol), teacher, driver etc.
                                                              Love you mama<3

Next is my brother Daniel. I was his first birthday present(: He was born 11 months after my parents got married. He'll be turning 16 on September 8th. He's the gentle giant in our family.He's a woodworker and wants to learn to make musical instruments.

After Daniel and I is Nathaniel. He'll turn 14 this year on December 18th. We get along pretty good, when he isn't mad about something lol Nathan has quite a temper, the worst of all of us kids ,I think. He's the outgoing one. Nathan is more of a follower, which gets him into trouble when he "follows" the wrong kids.

Next is Abigail. She's 12. Her birthday is July 25th. Abigail has Down Syndrome.She and I are the most alike. We both love to bake,read,play the piano and do girly things. Each week during the summer, she makes a different type of muffin to sell at the farmer's market.

Samuel is the baby boy of the family. He turned 10 this year on Valentines Day. He's only a few inches shorter than me :/ He 's Daniel's fishing and woodworking buddy.

Lydia is the tomboy. She turned 7 on January 26th. She's taller than Abigail and only a few inches shorter than Samuel.She has white/blonde hair and has the only blue eyes in the family. She's also the only leftie.

Rebekah is our darling girl. She will be 6 on October 16th. She has a rare chromosome disorder. It has affected her learning and things like that. She started walking when she was 4, she relies on sign language to communicate. She has never known her daddy. My dad left when she was about 3-4 months old. We spoil Beka a bit but she's just soo lovable lol

Well that's my family. Someday I might put pictures up.

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