Monday, October 1, 2012

It's October already! My goodness, where has the year flown? Only 2 months till Christmas! It's fall here in Nebraska,the leaves are changing and falling of the trees and instead of 100+ degree weather,we're having cool temps of 70+ degrees.
 So sorry for the long time since I last updated.Life has just been getting the way.
Anyways...since the last time I posted...I have started taking and teaching piano lessons, We have started school, we have been back in our town for more that a week at a time(hallelujah!), I had a surprise piano playing oppurtunity...3 times!,I've made a new friend,I've almost lost my best friend, Abigail has been in the Miss Amazing pageant(I'll post a pic of her farther down,ok), and my dad came to visit us. Oh and yeah..I turned 15!!

A little about R School Homeschool(as we kids named it some years back). Daniel and I are in 10th grade. We think we are geniuses and since we think that,we are doing our best to do 10th & 11th grade this year. If it works, that means I will graduate high school a few months before I turn 17 and Daniel will graduate a few months before he turns 18. Nathan is in 7th grade this year(15 months younger than me and 3 grades behind lol). Samuel is in 4th, and Abigail and Lydia are in 2nd. We are doing a little bit of "school" with Beka as well. My school subjects this year are- Science: Biology-The Study of Life, Literature: A Study Through the Pilgrim's Progress, History: Baptist History(Daniel's doing World History), Bible: Bible Doctrines- Dealing with Subjects such as The Trinity, How Do We know God Inspired the Bible and More,Math: Alegebra, English: Grammar and Composition 4 and Step by step French.

Anyway so here's some pictures...Enjoy!
Photo: Abigail at the Miss Amazing Pageant with Samuel Sam and Abigail at the 2012 Miss Amazing Pageant.PhotoThe Red Hat horse that Daniel made for my grandma's birthday. He can make these to sell...

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  1. Sounds like you guys have been busy! :) Abigail is so sweet--love her tiara. :)

    We're loving the fall weather around here, too. Happy October! :)

    God bless,
    Joy :)