Monday, October 15, 2012

No K-i-s-s-i-n-g

"No kissing, you two" was heard today at the campfire. As we walked around looking for the 2 missing teens we called"no kissing". Added in was" no kissing, you know you aren't allowed to kiss before marriage". One boy looks at me" they can kiss before marriage, that's allowed, it's just the other stuff that's not allowed."
 Should kissing be allowed before marriage? I don't think so. Kissing can lead to impure thoughts and actions. As a Christian young person, you should be saving yourself for marriage - entirely...kissing and all.

My mom has rules about us dating.
 #1. No dating till your ready for marriage- it's not needed to go falling in love when you aren't ready to be a husband/wife.
#2. No kissing+hugging-it can lead to temptation and ruin your purity-intentional or otherwise
#3. No going out together alone- you must have another couple with you- temptation is far to easy when you're alone.

Do your parents have rules about you dating? They should. If they don't, ask them to set up some guidelines. Rules about dating and purity are a must have for every young person.

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