Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prayer Needed

Yesterday we found out that our pastor has the West Nile Virus.
He's been ill for a week and found out sometime in the past few days that he has West Nile.
He will be going in today for more tests.
This is what was posted on Facebook last week(August 15th)
"Pastor David was feeling poorly last night when he came home from work. During the night he started running a fever and had body aches and chills. Summer flu? Please pray for his recovery and that whatever this is will not spread through our church and community. He will not be out on visitation tonight."
Please pray for Pastor Michael David& Prayer Baptist Church.
I'll try to update ya'll in a few days.
Thanks for the prayers (;
Good bye and God Bless!


  1. Oh, I'll be praying for him! I heard that the West Nile Virus was bad this year. Hope he feels better soon!

    God bless you!
    Joy :)

  2. praying. Come win a card on my blog you could send him

  3. He's doing better. Having a test done tomorrow. I guess it kind of comes and goes, he'll feel ill and then get better,then a few days later feel ill again.